Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct is intended to be a guideline for the entire OBERHOFER GmbH & Co KG and therefore applies equally to all of us. Specifically, it is addressed to the management, the company management and all our employees as well as to our suppliers. On the one hand, it represents the demand we place on ourselves to live up to the values and principles listed therein. And on the other it signals to the world outside our responsible behavior towards our business partners, customers and employees.

Commitment of the management

OBERHOFER GmbH & Co KG considers its duty to act in an economically, socially and environmentally conscious manner. We strive to conduct our business competently as well as on an ethical and moral basis. Furthermore we compete fairly in all markets in which we operate.

Team spirit, constructive cooperation, standards of cooperation

WWe constantly question existing solutions and develop new ideas for the benefit of our customers. To this end, we promote constructive teamwork among our employees. We expect all our employees to act in accordance with the highest professional standards and the guidelines of our company at all times. If employees violate existing guidelines, rules or regulations in the course of their work or through their conduct, this will inevitably result in appropriate consequences.

Dialogue with cooperation partners

All business information of our partners and their trade secrets are treated sensitively and confidentially as a matter of principle. Required documents are properly prepared, stored or, if necessary, destroyed after the end of the cooperation.

Customer orientation

We behave fairly and honestly towards our customers and business partners. We record the wishes, needs and expectations of our customers and business partners in order to ensure a targeted implementation in products, services or other processes. Our primary goal is to build a long-term and stable relationship with our customers and business partners on the basis of trust.

Acceptance of gifts, donations

We do not demand or accept personal benefits from customers or suppliers that influence or could influence one's own behavior with regard to one's activities for the company. If gifts are offered by third parties, these may only be accepted if they are common practice and can be recognized as a courtesy or kindness (promotional gifts with the logo of the donating company, such as calendars or ballpoint pens). Otherwise, gifts are to be rejected as a matter of principle.
Gifts on our part may also only be offered within a framework that is customary for the business relationship and to a materially appropriate extent. The person receiving the gift must not be able to associate it with any obligation that would influence his or her business decisions.
As a matter of principle, we do not donate to political parties, to individuals or to organizations whose objectives contradict our corporate philosophy or damage our reputation.

Bribery and corruption

We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. On the contrary, we have control mechanisms in place to prevent bribery, theft, embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion or money laundering. Our business partners are also required to avoid conflicts of interest that entail a risk of corruption.

Data protection

We treat all personal data of our customers, business partners and employees with the utmost care. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, ranks and uniform sizes. Both the company management and our employees are obliged to take all measures to secure the data, which are suitable to protect our IT system against internal as well as external data theft. This applies in particular to passwords misused in the company and unauthorized downloading of files, especially of inappropriate material from the Internet.

Protecting the environment and the workplace

The protection of the environment and climate protection are important to us. We are all required to treat the resources used in our company with care. We are expected to act responsibly in the production and distribution of our products and services. To protect our employees, we comply with all laws and regulations concerning health and safety in the workplace. To this end, our managers in particular take measures to create a healthy and hazard-free working environment for our employees.

Compliance with applicable law

We are obliged to familiarize ourselves with the laws, regulations and rules relevant to the respective area of responsibility and to comply with them without exception. Our management bears a high responsibility in complying with the Code of Conduct.
The business practices of our business partners and their suppliers must also comply with applicable laws.

Fair competition

We are committed to fair competition and abide by these laws and rules. We refrain from agreements on prices, conditions and strategies with competitors, suppliers, other companies and traders that hinder fair competition.

Prohibition of discrimination

Any form of discrimination is prohibited as a matter of principle. This applies regardless of nationality, ethnicity, age and gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, religion or belief.

Dealing with company internals

We attach importance to the careful and responsible handling of the products manufactured, the working materials used and the company's intellectual property.

Protection against child or forced labor

We strictly reject the employment of children (younger than 15 years) or forced labor without exception and expect the same from our business partners.

Implementation and enforcement

Die OBERHOFER GmbH & Co KG is committed to making the necessary efforts to live up to the principles and values described in this Code of Conduct.

Kramsach, 15th of June 2023
Barbara Oberhofer, MSc
Managing Director