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From design to uniforms management - provides comprehensive solutions for the aviation and other uniform-wearing industries. Being and innovative yet long-standing family-owned business, we know what matters in cabin and cockpit. offers you individual

design, premium quality and utmost functionality. Our uniforms "Made in Europe" are the perfect choice even for most challenging tasks above the clouds. Years of expertise and outstanding know-how make the best partner also when it comes to corporate fashion.

May it be intended for train hostesses, captains, porters or hosts – our experienced team ensures your perfect appearance. guarantees for tailored corporate wear. Custom-fit. Stylish. And just exactly as you want it.


  • Uniform and Income Taxes 13.02.2020
    Pilots are allowed to set their uniform off against tax liability! But there are certain rules to be observed. You can read all about that topic here:
  • 1950ies advertising 05.02.2020
    In the 1950ies cinema was like a window in a huge wide world - and in some aspects the precursor of our world wide web.
  • Online Shop SALE 25.01.2020
    Redundant but superb and impeccable parts of our old uniform projects are sold online at a discount in our SALE category.
  • Our photo studio: Passion meets profession. 15.01.2020
    Photos and visuals are important an important part of the desicion making process in case of new uniform introductions - especially for customizing and branding.
  • A well-assorted shirt warehouse! 09.12.2019
    Nearly no other article is available in so many sizes and versions. 17 collar sizes, 3 sleeve lengths and 3 widths. This means in terms of figures 153 options. And if there is nothing suitable, it will be arranged to fit.
  • NFC/5G shield 27.11.2019
    Thanks to SR shield - the latest hightech special fabric - mobile radiation gets isolated and unauthorized access to the NFC function of your credit and debit cards can be prevented.
  • "Distinguished traditional tyrolese company" 14.11.2019
    As a result of the official recognition from the state of Tyrol we are happy to call ourselves now a "distinguished traditional tyrolese company".
  • We say: YES, I do! 04.11.2019
    We care for some of our customers - even when they walk down the aisle.
  • What does a pilot do in his leisure time? 28.10.2019
    A pilot on duty flys a plane. Sounds logically. But what does he do in his leisure time? He organizes the skydiving center in Radfeld/Tyrol, where half of Europe's skydivers travel to.
  • Your data is save 21.10.2019
    The protection and safety of your data and their confidentiality is our top priority.
  • Comlux Aviation 11.10.2019
    The way from the extraordinary idea, over a extremely sophisticated project, to the perfect uniform for pilots and cabin crew. We proudly present the new Comlux uniform.
  • The pilot shirt 01.10.2019
    The shirt represents the uniform part, beside the pilots jacket, which is most identity-establishing. This means a neverending progression story.
  • flightradar24 and 23.09.2019
    By the aid of our ADS-B-Receiver (ID F-LOWI2) on the rooftop of our headquarters, we are able to receive and send (24/7) current flight positions of round about 2,000 airlplanes per day.
  • Uniform Management System 2.0 10.09.2019
    UMS 2.0 is our self-developed uniform management computer program. In this program all processes within our company are displayed. Starting from online orders, demand management from uniform accounts, over disposition of materials, production planning to stock planning and individual adjustments.
  • Ordering 24/7 01.09.2019
    Re-order whenever you want! No matter if it is 5.00 am when it comes to your mind that you need new shirts - or you decide at 11 pm that the trouser needs to be wider. No problem - we are here for you - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year.
  • All eyes on rail traffic 23.08.2019
    OUT NOW: The new uniforms for train attendants and sales agents of Viennas City Airport Trains - short CAT!
  • Thanks and appreciation 19.08.2019
    We are delighted that our performance also finds official approval by the state of Tyrol.
  • Barbara Oberhofer became CEO 01.08.2019
    Since 1.8.2019 Barbara Oberhofer, MSc is the new managing director. She is neither new in the industry nor in the company - but brings a lot of new ideas and experience.
  • More popular than ever 25.07.2019
    Despite "fly embarrassment": Airline uniforms mady by OBERHOFER are popular. Or in other words: More popular than ever before!
  • It's friday: Finally our well deserved weekend 12.07.2019
    Our diligent employees have very busy working weeks.
  • We are dog-friendly 05.07.2019
    Newfoundland lady JACKY and Magyar-Vizsla-dog BALOU watch over our order processing and tailoring department with a good-tempered but severe look.
  • The non plus ultra of uniforms 25.06.2019
    The first look in the aviation sector are always the sleeves! An attentive observer can distinguish between the First Officer with 3 stripes and the Captian with 4 stripes. But is there something else?
  • Oldie but goldie 11.06.2019
    This automatic buttonhole machine is an oldie but threfore not less a goldie.
  • NIKI LAUDA 1949 - 2019 21.05.2019
    Such an extraordinary character will not only be missed in the airline industry.
  • You are the best 15.04.2019
    Because the best only deserve the best!
  • "Sparks" will fly! 30.03.2019
    We know what it's all about! Uniforms are corporate fashion for a totally special job.