The environmental impact of the uniform

The global textile industry is one of the worst polluters, because of the chemicals used in fabric production. Malicious tongues even claim it is the second biggest ever, right behind aviation!
Today's big challenge, which must be met in the shortest timespan possible: Uniform fabrics must become recyclable! The tricky part is: Due to durability requirements, the materials currently available are predominantly blended fabrics containing polyester, which cannot be separated in a recycling process. However, pure recycled material is required for reuse.

With this, however, we are already protecting the environment: Less water consumption through intelligent production, cleaning and reprocessing of waste water and local production. Which consequently means much shorter transport routes and fewer emissions. Logically, the price for this is much higher and no longer compatible with the previous procurement methods.


The fact that a partnership with TRANEMO, a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), came about may seem surprising at first glance, but in the end it is a logical consequence. In almost all airside areas of airports, EN ISO 20471-certified high-visibility vests must be worn to protect personal safety. However, depending on the time of year or destination, it is practical if a high-visibility vest is also integrated into a lightweight weather protection jacket. Experienced air ambulance pilots confirm that this jacket is the best softshell they have ever worn.

But the partnership with TRANEMO advanced workwear has more to offer, namely a complete range of PPE (personal protective equipment) in all safety categories (I to III) and for a wide variety of industries.


Taking measurement made easy

A personal fitting is still the best prerequisite for a fitting uniform. However, large distances between our client and us do not always make this possible.

Under these conditions, we have created an online tool that makes taking measurements easy. Short videos show how and where the required measurements can be taken and then entered in a data field. All data is transmitted - in compliance with all data protection regulations - and with the support of an AI system, which is based on all our experience, the most suitable uniform size for you is determined. Of course, the determined size is finally checked for plausibility by an expert. Try it out. Here you can go to our Measurement-Tool.


NEW: The uniform trousers that adapt to the flight level!

Based on our years of working with uniforms for airlines and feedback from pilots, we know: Before the crew takes their seats in the cockpit, the belt is loosened and possibly the top button on the waistband is undone. The reason is provided by flight physiology: At an altitude of 30,000 to 40,000 feet, the pressure in the cabin still corresponds to an altitude of 6,000 to 8,000 feet which causes the abdominal girth to increase by about 4 cm. That's a whole clothing size!

We now solve this inconvenience with uniform pants that have a stretch waistband that adjusts to changes in the body and a matching leather belt with the same function. The pants fit during the preflight check just as well as during the cruise section and then also during the engine shutdown and the post-flight inspection, when the aircraft is already back in the parking position. The uniform trousers with stretch waistband guarantee a constant and comfortable fit. More than ever before, pilots can concentrate on their task without being distracted by a constricting waistband. The uniform pants with stretch waistband thus contribute significantly to the safety and efficiency of flight operations.


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