Uniform Solutions & Work Wear Management

There are companies that produce uniforms - and there is us. Because each uniform is more than just the sum of its parts. That’s why we offer profound solutions for uniforms and work wear management tailored to meet all our customers’ expectations. In practical terms that means: we’re at your side. From customized design to individual trial fitting all the way to handling stock management, changes and returns.

Our service range for your uniform solutions in detail:

We elaborate and define your requirements. Your uniforms will be designed by our design department an independent creative partner. We provide for prototypes and patterns in the stage of industrial application. Your uniforms will go into production – first of all as size set. We come to your premises for trial fitting – the uniforms will be customized for each individual employee. Your uniforms will be sewn - in accordance with top EU-standards.

We supply your uniforms - worldwide shipping available. Throughout the products’ entire useful life, our team serves as partner for your staffs. New members to your workforce will be outfitted without any complications and as requested by you.

We’ll put parts of uniforms that are not needed into stock for you and provide you with them, if so requested. Your workforce can re-order uniforms or parts thereof at all times - making use of our simple online functions. The disposition and storing of your uniform stock is handled in-house by us. Once their useful life has come to an end, we will properly discard and dispose of your uniforms.

Our Work Wear Management

Uniforms have to fit perfectly - with each employee and at all times. That is a challenge for your business. And this is where we enter the stage. Our specifically elaborated and tried-and-tested system for work wear management can be adapted to meet your individual corporate needs. Heart piece of our work wear management-system are so-called “apparel accounts”, i.e. in a way a tab for each person in uniform. The respective person can access their account 24/7 online. Based on a budget previously defined by you, your employees can thus independently re-order, change or have replaced individual parts of uniforms as needed. Have you got any questions regarding the work wear management or would you like to arrange for an appointment for personal consultation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!