Uniforms for Pilots & Cabin Crews

Aviation wear is much more than just fabrics. Uniforms for pilots and cabin crew are highly-functional parts of air operations. They bring about identity - in- and externally. Barely any other professional is being related so much to its typical wear as pilots are. In no other field, timeless style and functionality are required to perfectly match with each other as with cabin crew uniforms. That’s why airline fashion is more than just work wear or pure adornment. We make sure your staffs feel perfectly fine in their apparel. And your passengers will recognize that, too. Uniforms for pilots and cabin crew are an essential part of your airline’s image and thus indirectly contribute to your success.

Being a family-owned company with passion for aviation and long-standing practical experience, we know what matters. From perfect hemline to ideal jacket style. From stylish blouse fabrics to unique details: our uniforms for pilots and flight attendant wear are generally well and properly designed to meet the specific requirements related to these professions. We see ourselves as full-service partner and offer comprehensive and profound solutions for your uniform management.