Happy New Year!

Same procedure as every year (James) - the old year is nearly over and a new one begins. 2021 was another exceptional and extremely tricky year. No other industry was hit that much from pandemia like aviation. But nevertheless - now is the time to warmly say THANK YOU! Thank you for your trust and pleasant cooperation - even in those hard times. In this spirit we wish you a successful start to the new year 2022. The year of recovery. And never forget: Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible. (Eddie Rickenbacker)


No more deliveries to UK!

As an exporting company, we are registered with HM Revenue & Customs, have a VAT Registration Number and use a parcel service that is a subsidiary of Royal Mail. Despite this, the shipment of pilot uniforms is prevented due to apparently unclear and confusing UK import regulations. Parcels get left behind, are not cleared and come back after two to three months. Nevertheless, we do not want to assume that this is intentional!

Due to these circumstances, we have decided to no longer ship to the UK. Sorry!


The environmental impact of the uniform

The global textile industry is one of the worst polluters, because of the chemicals used in fabric production. Malicious tongues even claim it is the second biggest ever, right behind aviation!
Today's big challenge, which must be met in the shortest timespan possible: Uniform fabrics must become recyclable! The tricky part is: Due to durability requirements, the materials currently available are predominantly blended fabrics containing polyester, which cannot be separated in a recycling process. However, pure recycled material is required for reuse.

With this, however, we are already protecting the environment: Less water consumption through intelligent production, cleaning and reprocessing of waste water and local production. Which consequently means much shorter transport routes and fewer emissions. Logically, the price for this is much higher and no longer compatible with the previous procurement methods.


THANK YOU very much!

The impact of the COVID crisis on aviation was massive and in some cases it still is. We would like to thank our customers who have remained loyal to us or joined us during this difficult time.

There are first silver linings on the horizon and fortunately our customers have weathered the crisis quite well. Our special thanks go to the many online customers, the customers in Dubai, in Iceland, on Malta and last but not least in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


SKYALPS starts with 2 Dash 8-Q400

The last years it was quiet at Bolzano Airport (BZO). Now, because of the Dash 8-Q400 (Q stands for quiet!) used by SKYALPS, it does not get really much louder, but something is moving again!

As "Ambassadors of the Alps" flights to Rome-Fiumicino (FCO), Berlin (BER), Dusseldorf (DUS) Ibiza (IBZ), Olbia (OLB) and Parma (PMF) are offered.

We are pleased that the ambassadors of the Alps complete their service with professional outfits for cockpit and cabin crews from OBERHOFER. We wish much success!


Logistics: Chaos vs. keeping order

Chaos-Logistics is explained by well working commissioning streams even if a part of hard- or software fails. The same article or SKU will be storaged on different storage areas.
Which definitly makes sense in businesses like aircraft construction, automobile industry or other technical fields. But in case of uniform logistcs in apparel managementt?

We are convinced that hanging uniform parts (especially HAKA and DOB) need to be storaged, picked and packed in a traditional and analogue way. In case of accessoires that would be more imaginable. Uniforms are a highly emotional topic. In the end the ladies and gentlemen who wear our uniforms should not only be able to work comfortably - they should also feel and look great in it. And exactly that demand needs to start right in stock: The uniform should be treated with proper estimation. The uniforms need to be neaty and professionally storaged and they should be picked & packed from employees with love for details.


More security - more speed

When CHGR analyzed our already above-average powerful IT system, we found out that there is still room for improvement when it comes to our backup power supply and that our fiber optics internet connection can be taken to the next (broader) level.

With our local host of fiber optics network VONET we found a interesting and flexible partner who enables us to react ideal on future requirements. The upload speed of our webserver has been adapted for 2,5 on the short run.

And in case of emergency - e.g. a black out, our new and bigger USV keeps the system 3 times longer alive than up to now. After that thre will be made a controlled shut down. But this should only be necessary when we do our regular trials ...



The current interruptions in our global economy - especially in textile industry - are a consequence of the massive outsourcing to Asia and China. We decided to consciously buck the trend - we always sweared on production within the EU.All our used fabrics and materials are made in EUROPE.
It has always been our concern to procure and manufacture our materials as near as possible: We are proud and more than ever convinced to produce within the EU only: In Austria and our adjoining EU-countries!


Pandemic and no end

According to Flightradar 24 the number of flights is only 10% below the level of 2019 , but: These figures include everything from balloonists to rescue helicopter flights and also all private aviation. Only commercial flights (passenger and cargo flights, charter flights and some business flights) are shown in the graphic. And unfortunately the result doesn't look that promising yet, although there was a clear upward trend in the second half of the first quarter.


Ordering 24/7

As cockpit or crew member from one of our contract customers thre are many advantages. E.g. you can easily login in your personal clothing-account where you can check your uniform budget and place re-orders. Immediately, easy and fast: Even your sizes and indivudal adjustments are saved in our system. Just login on once and klick three times - job done! When the doorbell rings it is the delivery service: Because if you prefer, we also deliver to your private address.


The non plus ultra of uniforms

No matter if experienced airline commander, proud business aviation owner, multi-tasking private aviation in-flight-manager or flight engineer - we provide you the perfect cuff according to your duties. Gold, platin, magenta, straight or skewed - 8, 10, 12 or 14 mm width. And of course with individually adjusted sleeve length!


Oldie but goldie

This about 30 years old automatic buttonhole machine is very loud, extremely heavy and the absolute diva of sewing machines. Not even the smallest mistake in setting will be excused and the needle always has to be super sharp. But the outcome is fabulous - this machine makes the world best buttonholes: In picture with key bartack carried along gimp.