The at these times young company - today we would call it a start-up - used cimema advertising round about those days fashion. Cinemas "boomed" even in small villages. They represented the window in the huge wide world as nowadays our world wide web.
What did not changed over time? Our quality standards! HAGEN Blouses made in Austria always have been a expression of highest quality. But great quality has it's price. So certain things never change.


Uniforms and Corporate Fashion MADE IN EUROPE

The current interruptions in our global economy - especially in textile industry - are a consequence of the massive outsourcing to Asia and China. We decided to consciously buck the trend - we always sweared on production within the EU.All our used fabrics and materials are made in EUROPE.
It has always been our concern to procure and manufacture our materials as near as possible: We are proud and more than ever convinced to produce within the EU only: In Austria and our adjoining EU-countries!


Pandemic and no end

According to Flightradar 24 the number of flights is only 10% below the level of 2019 , but: These figures include everything from balloonists to rescue helicopter flights and also all private aviation. Only commercial flights (passenger and cargo flights, charter flights and some business flights) are shown in the graphic. And unfortunately the result doesn't look that promising yet, although there was a clear upward trend in the second half of the first quarter.


Uniform Management System 2.0

The core of UMS 2.0 is also the reason why it was developed: Advanced demand management. Every uniform wearer has an own clothing-account and can decide autonomously about the usage of his/her personal uniform budget. This self-administration saves you costs in a two-digit percent range.


Ordering 24/7

As cockpit or crew member from one of our contract customers thre are many advantages. E.g. you can easily login in your personal clothing-account where you can check your uniform budget and place re-orders. Immediately, easy and fast: Even your sizes and indivudal adjustments are saved in our system. Just login on once and klick three times - job done! When the doorbell rings it is the delivery service: Because if you prefer, we also deliver to your private address.


The non plus ultra of uniforms

No matter if experienced airline commander, proud business aviation owner, multi-tasking private aviation in-flight-manager or flight engineer - we provide you the perfect cuff according to your duties. Gold, platin, magenta, straight or skewed - 8, 10, 12 or 14 mm width. And of course with individually adjusted sleeve length!


Oldie but goldie

This about 30 years old automatic buttonhole machine is very loud, extremely heavy and the absolute diva of sewing machines. Not even the smallest mistake in setting will be excused and the needle always has to be super sharp. But the outcome is fabulous - this machine makes the world best buttonholes: In picture with key bartack carried along gimp.


Behind the Scenes before COVID-19 changed everything

Foto shoot at the airfield of REUTTE Höfen (LOIR) with fotographer and airline pilot Gerhard Beer (, 4 models, 1 nostalgic bigplane and many helping hands - from make-up artist to assistants.
An office inside the tower turned into an changing room and next door make-up artist Sandra Strele ( spreads her tubes, little tins, curlers, hair dryer and brushes. The final result can be admired in our gallery.


Art or craft?

In the beginning there is an idea - maybe even a sketch to visualize this idea - but then the real challenge starts: A new garment - fitting and requirement meeting - needs to be constructed. So the question is: Is it art to create a new garment or is it handicraft? Probably both - but anyhow it is fascinating.

The way until a final jacket, trouser or dress comes out of production is long. But every garment always keeps the distinctive seal from the first original cut.


The AMF-seam

In order to get a ornamental seam with different stitch lengths and spaces a very special sewing machine is needed, which works only with a single upper thread. Usually a sewing machine has a upper and lower thread. The result is nothing to sneeze at. Such a quilting seam along the lapel makes a uniform jacket even more valuable than before.


Tyrolean Jet Services

Right after our specialization in airline uniforms Tyrolean Jet Services (TJS) was one of the clients from the very start - now as before. TJS is ranked among the pioneers in business aviation, sets new standards and recognizes new trends early. They have been one of the first ones who dealed with management airplanes and now they are right at the front when it comes to CO2-neutral flying.

It may take a while until SAF (sustainbale aviation fuel) is available everywhere. But previously sustainable balance projects will be used to give environment a treat. At TJS the "green deal" is already reality.


ALBREX high-performance engine technology

Conrad Gruber is one of the best motor tuning experts worldwide. He pimps dream cars to be absolutely unique and boosts engine performances by the aid of self developed ALBREX-compressors and turbo chargers in fabulous dimensions. But what does he have to do with airline uniforms? Conrad Gruber is a perfectionist and always dressed in black. So he works in a OBERHOFER pilot shirt in black! If this article arouse your attention - visit him on:


Sepp Mörtl - Pink Sparrow

The studied grammar school teacher Sepp Mörtl has a very special relationship to life. And this not only because of his accident. He does everything with full commitment, huge joy and never ending enthusiasm. Together with his wife Regina, he manages an airline company of a specific type - Pink Sparrow is specialized in the transport of donor organs. In addition to that - and not less exceptional - he transports radioactive examination materials for hospitals. And both must be transported to its destination as fast as possible.

Even people with matters of great urgency are transported to challenging destinations and unusual times of the day. The Pink-Sparrow-Crews are available and ready to fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


AERONAUTX aviation academy

The aviation academy AeronautX builds the foundation. They educate the new generation of pilots starting by the basics over typerating to base training. And after being successful and becoming a First Officer, the young pilots are ready to get their OBERHOFER pilot uniform. But to come back to family again: Jörg Oberhofer, experienced pilot and CEO of AeronautX is the brother of Hannes Oberhofer. Both are not only born in the same family but also in the same branche. And in any way both brothers have always been and will always stay strongly connected with aviation - no matter how challenging times are.



Superior rudder control for a superior flight.
LIFT pilot shoes feature a unique patent pending Rudder Control Heel Slider. The heel slider is an injection molded friction-less cleat , which slides effortlessly along the floorboards adding superior rudder control. LIFT Aviation Online-Shop.


65 years

Many many years ago - in the typical founding period, characterized by the incomparable atmosphere of departure and hope for a better future - this company was first opened on 1st September 1955. Although we remained faithful to the textile industry, nearly everything changed within the last 65 years. We evolved from the small rural fashion shop for casual customers to a uniform provider in the airline and corporate fashion sector who serves leading clients. We changed from a retail store to an industrial production - and from local customers to international clients. Only one thing stayed unchanged: passion for what we do.


company history = phone history

Starting in 1955 - our year of establishment - with an "official dialplate phone. At that time telephony was regimented governmental! In early 1980ies the first key-operated telephone launched - a kind of status symbol, but still analog!
And then there was the ultimative digital phone from Porsche design called Bosch Integral, with undreamt-of technical possibilities. Today we are calling "voice over IP" with internet phones via fibre optic and our own 3CX phone server at minimum costs. Unbelievable how times change!


The "new normal" part III - less is more

There will be fewer/smaller airplanes, less employees and reorganized route networks. None of the BCG-experts scenarios expects to reach a before COVID-19-level. Sustainability will play a major role in tourism - more than ever before. Business travelers will come back to travel anyway, because video confernces cannot solve all problems. But trourists maybe think twice before entering an aircraft.

The branche will change. If the time of "fast aviation" is over? Time will tell. But maybe we should get used to less is more!


The "new normal" part II - new megatrends

BCG-Experts agree on the fact that the impact of COVID-19 on the airline branche will be more severe than 9/11 and financial crisis put together. Current short-term measures either provide a quick rebound nor a guarantee for economical survival. Besides structural changes and rising health consciousness the authors also see new megatrends in "... more locally oriented supply chains, and a focus on sustainability."

Sounds good for our environment and local, sustainable producing suppliers. Due to that reason passengers may have to dig a little deeper into their pockets in future.


Aviation's "new normal"

In March 2020 BCG published "The Post-Covid-19 Flight Plan for Airlines" sketched our "new normal" in which nothing will ever be the same again. Some of their forecasts - like the curve shape of the more or less enlongated U-shape expressing the rebound of the industry - cover with real flight data collected on FlightRadar24 from Jannuary to June 2020 (blue curve on the picture). There can be recognized a slow rebound. But the next months will show if the "U" turns out to be a "L".