Our photo studio: Passion meets profession.

Photos are a helpful tool for design idea presentations and implementation. They are extremely important for the uniform decision making process. Thanks to Photoshop - because on a picture everything can be changed much easier than on a finished sample. We meet this requirements with our own photo studio, professional equipment and respective manual skills. Photography always has been a passion of Hannes Oberhofer.


Happy New Year!

Same procedure as every year (James) - the old year is nearly over and a new one begins. Now is the time to warmly say THANK YOU! Thank you for your trust and pleasant cooperation. In this spirit we wish you a successful start to the new year 2020. We are looking forward to new exciting projects with you.


A well-assorted shirt warehouse!

Our pilot shirts are available in 17 different collar sizes (from 36 until 52), in case of long sleeve shirts there are 3 sleeve lengths (65, 69 and 72 cm) and there are 3 different body widths (comfort, slim and super-slim). And all this variation are just regarding the white shirt offer! The pilot shirts are also consignable in light blue, beige, off-white and grey. You can inform yourself online about our complete shirt assortment.


NFC/5G shield

We proudly present our safe jackets and trousers. One pocket per jacket and trouser can be complemented by this feature of a SR shield. We do this additional safe-service by request. This special fabric, which is used as pocket lining, stops the contentious radiation of smartphones and prevents from unauthorized access to the NFC function of credit and debit cards. University and Federal Armed Forces in Munich gave a proof of efficiency of 99.9999999 %.


"Distinguished traditional tyrolese company"

The most important and biggest recognition we get is the one from our customers and uniform wearers: They recommend us via word-of-mouth! Now we got an award "distinguished traditional tyrolese company" for our long-term existance and sustained success. Thanks a lot!


We say: YES, I do!

We are a well-liked companion not only in daily life but even on the most important day of life – wedding. In fact we even lead some of our customers to the altar. With our established quality products, familiar comfort and a big pinch of elegance we grant a certain feelgood factor. So you start perfectly dressed in a new chapter of life.


What does a pilot do in his leisure time?

A grass runway instead of an asphalted one. A farm instead of a terminal. A food tent instead of an airport restaurant. Tables and chairs under the clear blue sky instead of an air-conditioned VIP lounge: This is the incomparable skydiving-center in Radfeld/Tyrol - just off NDB RTT and our company headquarters. Yesterday the last starts, jumps and landings of the season took place. The numberless viewers on the runway rim had many questions, which have been answered patiently and detailed by the organizers: When will the plane take off again? What's the jumping height? Who is faster when it comes to go back to the ground - the jumpers or the plane? Is it possible to join a flight? .... Everything is possible - but unfortunately soonest next season in Radfeld/Tyrol.


Your data is save

If we receive your data for order fulfillment, online orders, delivery or project planning – all steps are in conformity with our legal regulations – particularly with the general data protection regulation (GDRP) . Your data are backed in brief intervals several times a day. In order to protect ourselves from unauthorized access from outside we have a very restrictive configured firewall permanently on the latest update. So you can put your mind at rest – even here professionals are at work!


Comlux Aviation

A new uniform always means a big challenge. It is not just about realizing a design idea, it is about creating functional corporate fashion. The requirements in this project were not only challenging – they were outstanding. In other words: Everything other than “as usual“. The result was an extraordinary uniform, which accomplishes all requests and would cut a fine figure –thanks to the beautiful Comlux cabin crew – even on the catwalk.


The pilot shirt

The shirt - the neverending story of progression: The creation of a shirt which is functional, comfortable, easy-care and durable. We constantly invest in further development as well as in future trends. In particular the increasing skin sensitivity needs to be taken into consideration. Our pilot shirts are available easily available via our online shop in comfort (straight) and slim (waisted) - AND within the next few weeks our new super-slim (extremely waisted) model will be launched.


flightradar24 and

Since 2013 we contribute to the realtime online coverage of air traffic. This is possible by the aid of our ADS-B-Receiver with the ID F-LOWI2 resp. AIRLINEUNIFORM. Despite our position - in the heart of the alps - we receive round about 400,000 hits a day. Roughly 150,000 positions from more than 2,000 airplanes are transmitted. The maximum distance is approx. 150 nm - this means nearly 280 km.


Uniform Management System 2.0

The core of UMS 2.0 is also the reason why it was developed: Advanced demand management. Every uniform wearer has an own clothing-account and can decide autonomously about the usage of his/her personal uniform budget. This self-administration saves you costs in a two-digit percent range.


Ordering 24/7

As cockpit or crew member from one of our contract customers thre are many advantages. E.g. you can easily login in your personal clothing-account where you can check your uniform budget and place re-orders. Immediately, easy and fast: Even your sizes and indivudal adjustments are saved in our system. Just login on once and klick three times - job done! When the doorbell rings it is the delivery service: Because if you prefer, we also deliver to your private address.


All eyes on rail traffic

The train attendants of City Airport Trains CAT already welcome and support their guests in new OBERHOFER outfits. Especially the sales agents uniform delight with more colour. So we proudly present the new uniform and we are so pleased about the successful project. Not only the current one - also our long lasting cooperation for more than 10 years by now.


Thanks and appreciation

Our company was founded on the 1st of September 1955 - so this year our business turns 64 years! Since more than 30 years we are specialized in airline uniforms. With our first customer - the former TYROLEAN AIRWAYS - we layed the foundation for our success. We are pleased that we even find official recognition for our performance from the state of Tyrol. With every uniform we spread a bit of tyrolese tradition in the air.


Barbara Oberhofer became CEO

Barbara Oberhofer, MSc first visited the commercial academy and finished her master degree in strategic management with special focus on innovation and marketing at Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck. Despite she always worked here during her studies, she decided to collect additional experience outside the fashion industry. In 2018 she became authorized signatory for OBERHOFER GmbH & Co KG and finally since 1st August 2019 she is the new managing director - in cooperation with Dr. Hannes Oberhofer. So Barbara Oberhofer represents the 3rd generation of the 65-years family business history.


More popular than ever

Despite the current "fly embarrassment" and and the bad media image of the airline sector in Central Europe at the moment, our order situation is exceptionally well. In fact air traffic increases and therefore more new young pilots and consequently more uniforms are needed. The uniform production will be planned by us - the pilot training needs to be planned yourself.


It's friday: Finally our well deserved weekend

Time pressure is always tremendous. Every customer wants his uniform as fast as possible. In our final production department the individual measurements and uniform details like ranks are adjusted. So thanks to the professionality of our tailors - we did it once more. The ladies and gentlemen from cockpit and cabin are now able to do their duty in their brandnew uniform made by Oberhofer.


We are dog-friendly

Strong dogs for a strong team! Newfoundland lady JACKY (here with her summer hairstyle) and Hungarian-Viszla-dog BALOU watch over our order processing and tailoring department. Cool, unconspicuous, extremely patient and very well trained, they stay in the background. But nevertheless they don't miss a thing. They keep an eye on everything - or better: one nose! We welcome dogs because they make the daily stress more bearable. And of course we also have a huge running area for them - a large garden with woodland, where they can live the good life.


The non plus ultra of uniforms

No matter if experienced airline commander, proud business aviation owner, multi-tasking private aviation in-flight-manager or flight engineer - we provide you the perfect cuff according to your duties. Gold, platin, magenta, straight or skewed - 8, 10, 12 or 14 mm width. And of course with individually adjusted sleeve length!


Oldie but goldie

This about 30 years old automatic buttonhole machine is very loud, extremely heavy and the absolute diva of sewing machines. Not even the smallest mistake in setting will be excused and the needle always has to be super sharp. But the outcome is fabulous - this machine makes the world best buttonholes: In picture with key bartack carried along gimp.


NIKI LAUDA 1949 - 2019

We are proud to have worked with Niki Lauda since 2003 and got to know him as a sublime fair and straightforward business partner. We deeply regret his passing away. He will leave a void noone will be able to fill.


You are the best

Due to the fact the best only deserve the best, we dress the real high flyer with uniforms made in Europe. In order to find out more - visit our online shop. There you will find the COO of all articles.


"Sparks" will fly!

We know what it's all about! In cabin. In Cockpit. And elsewhere. Since more than 30 years our company business, headquartered in Tyrol - the heart of the alps - stands for premium airline fashion and corporate fashion. As guidance for our pilots: We are in close vicinity to NDB RTT.


It's all about the details

Expecially the details make a uniform perfect. Threfore we emphasize on high diligence – from design until final delivery.