Always ready to hand: The high-visibility vest

High-visibility waistcoats manufactured according to EN ISO 20471 are a fixed component of a uniform. It is strictly compulsory to wear them on almost all areas of airports and not only for personal safety. Many airports even expect the airline logo to be printed on the back and not just the neutral designation CREW.

We offer both: We supply our KORNTEX high-visibility waistcoats with the neutral CREW imprint or with a logo. Due to our technical equipment, we can print the high-visibility waistcoats at short notice.

We stand with UKRAINE

War in the middle of Europe: A few weeks ago absolutely unimaginable and unrealistic. In the meantime, a horrible fact.

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine has shaken up Europe and especially the EU. Now it is obvious: Europe must become independent - from energy to defence to the economy: IT IS ABOUT EUROPE, FREEDOM AND PEACE.