Registration and Login

Now the personal (re-)ordering can be done easier and more comfortable than ever before.

  • 1. Visit www.airlineuniform.com
  • 2. KA click on the header "register"
  • 3. Here you can create your new uniform account.
    Please insert the e-mail address which was forwarded to us from your company (the one chosen to use for your uniform data).
    Based on this e-mail address the connection to your personal uniform account will be generated.
  • 4. Check your mailbox – there you will find an e-mail from shop@oberhofer.at with the request: ...
    to complete the activation of your account please click here.
  • 5. After clicking on “here“, you will be forwarded to our website where you get the confirmation that your registration process was successful.
  • 6. Now you can directly login with your e-mail address and your password:
  • 7. From that point on the web shop (Contractors) is activated:
  • 8. By clicking this button you are in the uniform requirement zone:
    • In the upper field you find your core data and on the right information regarding your points.
    • On the last line you see your currently available points.
    • All uniform parts, chosen by your company for your uniform group (e.g. pilots or cabin attendants), can be selected. As a form of customer support, the size of our last order will be suggested automatically for every uniform part.
    • In the case your order exceeds your points budged, you will be informed that this order cannot be placed to the wished extend. At that point we offer you two possibilities: 1. You can reduce the amount of the ordered uniform parts according to your points budget or 2. you press the “buy now”-button. In this case we will send you a private invoice for the “point budget exceeding amount” (all parts shaded in red).

  • 9. With a click on your login e-mail address displayed in the header, you can go to account settings. Here you can complete all the missing data or edit already existing data. The core data on the bottom of the site, from which our company is concerned, will be provided directly by us.